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3 Critical Features to Look for
When Selecting a Gadget Bag

By Dan Davenport

As you grow in photography, you will accumulate many tools that you use in creating great photos to enlarge and display around your home: tripods, filters, lenses and lens accessories, the occasional light meter, etc. And as you range far afield taking photographs, you will need a convenient way to carry and manage these accessories, Here are the top three features to look for as you select this most critical accessory.

#1 - Easy to Carry There are three main styles of gadget bag, all avialable from our partner M-Rock.

The traditional "over the shoulder" type bag that opens at the top for convenient access without putting the bag down in difficult situations.

Next, the "belt type." This is very handy, but usually only good for smaller cameras and more limited collections of accessories.

The "backpack type" bags will carry the most, though they are more difficult to access. These larger bags also usually have ways to carry full sized tripods built in, along with a complete array of camera gear, plus, a sandwich to tide you over as you go through your photographic day - or evening.

#2 - Easy to Access In many ways this is controlled by the number of pieces that you carry, and how often you have to handle and change them. A bag that is divided into separate compartments will keep your gear organized and at your fingertips ready for use - and better protect your equipment.

#3 - Effective Padding Definitely one of the most important factors. There should be enough padding to protect your valuable camera and its accessories (you wouldn't want a critical lens or accessory to break just when you want to use it for that great shot), but not so much that it adds significantly to the weight and bulk that you have to carry.

Within these three basic styles are many, many variations and combinations. As you do your research, you will probably find that you will wind up with several different bags to use for different photography adventures. The important thing is to have the equipment you need right at hand to create those great photos that you will proudly display around your home.

Dan Davenport has been involved in photography for more years than he cares to think about. He worked for Minolta Cameras for over 30 years and taught photography as well as developing the Minolta School of Photography which evolved into The Maxxum Experience photo education seminars. He wants photographers to take the best photos they can and encourages them to proudly display their work for all to see.

© 2010 Dan Davenport

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