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Great books make your photographic experience, well... greater. Here is selection of books that can help you enjoy photography more, and create more pictures that deserve to be proudly displayed on your walls, and that your friends will enjoy seeing.

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Digital Photography Secrets

How about a great book on Digital Photography.

My partner David Peterson has created a book with all the Tricks And Techniques that you will want to know for better images with your digital camera. It shows you everything the Professionals know, but don't want you to know about using your digital camera to take stunning photos!

Take a look at this exciting book here!

Now here's a great concept -
"Sell Your Digital Photos"!

As you learn to take better portraits, and digital photos in general, how would you like to be making some money with them?

That's what this opportunity from another of my partners is all about. And it doesn't matter where you live. Thanks to the Internet there are more opportunities for freelance photographers working from anywhere in the world.

Take a close look at this great book!

Here's Everyone's Favorite - The Secrets of
"Powerful Landscape Photography"

Getting beautiful landscape photos is actually not as hard as you would think.

Of course, when the secrets of landscape photography are not applied, your landscape shots can be very disappointing. Too often a beautiful landscape, in real life looks so stunning, so breathtaking that we just point, shoot, get home to look at the photos and and …..ohhhhh. We end up with an annoying and disappointing flat landscape shot missing the depth and detail we saw when we were standing there in person.

My partner Amy Renfrey will show you these secrets in her great new book.

Find the secrets of "Powerful Landscape Photography" Here!

This great book from my partner Amy Renfrey is your entry into the wonders - and great photos - that are hidden inside your digital camera (really, they're hidden inside YOU). The amazing part is that you don't need the latest, biggest, most expensive camera on the market, to get great digital photos because, as I've said for many many years:

"The camera doesn't take the picture,
the photographer does!"

Find the Secrets of "Digital Photography Success" Here!

Here is a great book to start you on your way in Landscape Photography. Kajo Merkert takes you and your camera through the steps to help you get exciting and beautiful landsacpe photos to decorate your home. By all means get this book and start taking the amazing landscape photos you have always wanted to take.