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Table Top Tripod as "Chest-Pod"

Enter the classic table top tripod. By twisting it around into a novel configuration, you can brace the camera against your chest and get much of the stabilizing power of a tripod on the floor - but the flexibility to move around quickly with fast moving subjects.

Photographing Fireworks

Here in the US, we celebrate our Independence Day every year on July 4th. It's a great day for get-togethers and barbecues with family and friends - and great fireworks to top off the evening. You might be thinking about taking photos of these great displays. Good thought because it's really easy. And, of course, many other countries have fireworks worthy holidays that also offer opportunities for great photos.

Cameras, Photography and Travel

If you are planning a journey overseas and would like to take you camera equipment along with you, here is a great article by Amy Renfrey with a few facts to keep in mind.

The Top Three Photographic Composition Tips

After you're comfortable using your camera, the easiest way to create great pictures that everyone will admire is with good composition. Here are The Top Three Photographic Composition Tips to help you achieve those great photos.

3 Critical Features to Look for When Selecting a Gadget Bag

As you grow in photography, you will accumulate many tools that you use in creating great photos to enlarge and display around your home: tripods, filters, lenses and lens accessories, the occasional light meter, etc. And as you range far afield taking photographs, you will need a convenient way to carry and manage these accessories, Here are the top three features to look for as you select this most critical accessory.

How to Guarantee Sharp Photographs

Sometimes photos don't come out as sharp as we would like. Sometimes the camera doesn't focus right, but most likely, the culprit is camera shake - when you move your hands during the time the camera is taking the picture. There are several ways to take sharp pictures....

3 Ways to Expand Your Home as a Visually Exciting Photo Album

As you create more and more photos of your family, your friends, and the world around you, you will want to display them around your home for all to see. But it may get a bit tiresome with just photos of family and friends, and you may be looking for some variety. Let's look at three ways you can use images around your home to enhance your life style.

5 Simple Steps to Turn Your Home into a Beautiful Photo Album

It takes just five easy steps to turn your home into a visual testament to your life.

The Best Lenses for Landscape Photography

There a tremendous number of lenses available for digital photographers today, and for those who specialize in landscape imagery there are nice range of lenses at a good array of prices. A search can yield telephoto zoom lenses, super wide angle lenses and traditional or normal to moderate wide angles.

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