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Reuss River and Chapel Bridge - Lucerne, Switzerland
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Cameras, Photography and Travel

By Amy Renfrey

If you are planning a journey overseas and would like to take you camera equipment along with you, there are a few facts to keep in mind:

Bringing it All Along - If you want to bring every lens, filter and item in your complete array of equipment you should probably think again. You do not want to ruin your trip with a sore neck, back and shoulder pain, or worse an insurance claim on lost, stolen or damaged equipment. Think about your travels and pick the minimal equipment required - for example if you own a DSLR you should only bring the basic lens, flash, battery and memory cards tucked cozily into a lightweight and easily transported case.

Carrying Cases - If you have good camera equipment you must invest in solid and reliable carrying cases, for every day use as well as for long distance or international travel. Cases made specifically for camera equipment will often have perfectly sized pockets and padded areas crafted to protect lenses from damage or scratching, and areas for spare memory cards, batteries or even film.

Getting on the Plane - Check with your airline prior to arrival regarding their carry on limitations. Long gone are the days where three or four pieces could accompany a passenger. You do not want to arrive only to find that you must "check" thousands of dollars worth of equipment or leave it home.
Scope out opportunities - If you are headed to an area you have never visited before you will have probably read a bit about the place, heard of good photo opportunities and made a mental checklist of the images you would like to take during the trip. Another good idea is to scout postcard racks at shops, airports and other locations for some scenes or places that you may not be familiar with.

Insurance - many photographers will want to contact their insurance agents if they intend on bringing professional grade equipment along for the trip. Many regular travel agencies make travel insurance available at the time of booking and it is a good idea to consider some coverage for cameras and video equipment if these items will accompany travelers.

Respectful Photography - it is a good idea to do some basic research on the customs of each country you visit. Some people do not want or like to have their photo taken by a stranger or visitor; in fact photography is considered taboo in some places. If taking a photograph of natives or groups of people it is always best to err on the side of caution and ask if a photograph is acceptable or permitted. You may meet some fascinating people in this way.

Some advance planning, organization and research can help to make an overseas photographic excursion or journey a hassle free and beautifully photographed adventure.

© 2010 Amy Renfrey

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