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3 Ways to Expand Your Home as a Visually Exciting Photo Album

By Dan Davenport

As you create more and more photos of your family, your friends, and the world around you, you will want to display them around your home for all to see. But it may get a bit tiresome with just photos of family and friends, and you may be looking for some variety. Let's look at three ways you can use images around your home to enhance your life style.

# 1 - Your Photos - Photos are a very important part of home decor. Many of you have read my article about turning your home into a family photo album featuring many of your photos of friends and family to show friends, family, and visitors what you and your family are all about, where you have been, and what is important to you. This is step one of turning your home into a photographic testament to your family's life. These vital photos are the core of your home display.

# 2 - Fine Art Photos - Next, for a stunning complement to your family photos, take a look at fine art photography by professional photographers and made available (from opur partners at Loxley Gallery) for a reasonable price to enhance your home. If you have been to the capitol of your country, and are proudly displaying photos of your family at the monuments to your country's history, why not add a few fine art photographs of the capitol available from many sources on the web.

Images and Prints 486 x 60 www.imagesandprints.com

This is true also of other major landmarks you have visited: mountains, scenic vacation spots, lakes, rivers, amusement parks, historic points from your country's history. Not only will photos of your family at the landmark show where you have been and the fun you had there, but many times, the fine art photos will show the location from angles that may have been inaccessible to you, at times of the year when you just couldn't get there, or when the weather was better than the overcast day when you and your family were there. And there are many great photos of locations that you haven't visited yet ... but you would like to. Definitely worth a look!

# 3 - Posters - Again, enhancing the fine art photo accents, these can be purchased as original art work or large prints made from your best photos. Either way, large photos and graphics will attract people from a distance. They will then view your photos of family and friends up close and personal.

When you are creating photos to be blown up to large size, make sure the original photo is of the absolute best quality. Set your camera for the highest resolution and image size, make sure your camera is on a tripod to eliminate any image softening camera shake, and, if possible and appropriate, use flash (the short flash duration will simulate a very high shutter speed for maximum motion blur stopping power).

A very exciting new technique is cominng into style right now, the Pop Art Photo. This may very well be just the thing to set off your new room - or an old room that needs a bit more excitement!

350x200 PhotoPopArt banner

Ultimately, your home décor should show many, many images. Not only your photographs, but images from other sources that complement your photos and get people admiring your family, your photography, and your décor.

© Dan Davenport, 2008

Dan Davenport has been involved in photography for more years than he cares to think about. He worked for Minolta Cameras for over 30 years and taught photography as well as developing the Minolta School of Photography which evolved into The Maxxum Experience photo education seminars. He wants photographers to take the best photos they can and encourages them to proudly display their work for all to see.

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